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About us

Sky Group is a private members-only club, which unites large and varied communities of people into a single network for the purpose of receiving privileged services. Sky Group offers 5 different types of membership plans at an affordable price from which you can choose a plan that satisfies all the needs of You and Your family.

We constantly expand our list of services and offers that is why our clients always receive a wide range of services that are of the highest quality.

Our mission


  • Provide our clients with convenient, secure and quick assistance when performing various actions related to gathering and filling out necessary paperwork.
  • Guarantee timely assistance to our clients who use wide range of electronic devices.
  • Create a dynamic, flexible and comfortable environment for our club members.
  • Expand constantly our list of partners to offer the most varied spectrum of services.
  • Strive to make the service process quick and easy.


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Tax refund

This service is provided by our partner, a leading company that specializes in taxes and has a vast experience in this field. Only members of our club have a unique opportunity to enjoy this service without any additional costs: you will only pay a minimum fee upon success.

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Optimizing of communication cost

Members of our club have a great opportunity to save up to 50% on communication expenses. Our partners will analyze your expenses and will optimize them so that you get maximum by paying minimum.

Refinancing mortgages

As we are partners with leading banks, you will have a unique opportunity to reduce your monthly payments and the length of contracts. This will save you tens of thousands. Only our club members are entitled to enjoy the unique benefits of our services without any prepayment\; only a minimum success fee will be required.

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Filling instruments for public institutions

Only members of our club are able to take advantage of our specially designed program which allows to fill an online form to any state authority in seconds. Your user dashboard will give access to form templates (generated by a robot) – it’s fast and easy!

Maximisation and Optimization of insurance claims

Our partner is a leading company in the field of maximization and optimization of insurance claims. The partner has many years of experience and undeniable success. Only our club members are entitled to enjoy the unique benefits of our services without any additional payment\; you will only pay a minimum fee upon success.

Medical examination (Not for court)

Our club will provide you with the necessary assistance in the preparation of an independent medical examination with as little effort from your side as possible.

Optimisation services for HMO

In case of any health care difficulties encountered, you could call our customer service center which will make all the necessary appointments and arrangements on your behalf under professional supervision of our partner.

Call back services

If you need to reach any organization or authority, our operator will follow all the procedures and connect your call when it is ready. A time-saving service.

Secretarial services

Our service center will gladly provide you with a personal line answered by a specialist. This will give solidity and respectability to your business. In addition, the services of a personal calendar will be offered to you. From now on, you have a great possibility to make all your appointments only through your personal secretary. This service will save you thousands since you will no longer need to have a secretary or an office.

Fax to email service

You will be given your own personal fax. The received documents will be delivered to your e-mail in any format upon your request.

Basic Web site

Our web designer will assist you with the design of your personal website. This service will put your business online.

Cash back

Partial refund in accordance with the terms of the contract.


Membership features are provided by our partners


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